Paul Roberts was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. He started learning martial arts at the age of 10, and shortly thereafter moved to Hong Kong when a teenager for school, where he took the chance to study kung fu full time. Being difficult for an outsider to be accepted he had to study hard to learn the cultural and become fluent in the language. Hong Kong being a place where it is common for teachers specialize in numerous styles, he was exposed to many different systems and always made effort to seek out the top practitioners of those systems attempting to access the most authentic teachings. While training these various styles what interested Roberts the most was their differences, finding that each style carried its own essence and approach different from the others. Through years of hard work and dedication he was able to open many doors and privileged to learn various rare styles that have always been valuable steps in the path.

In search of deeper understanding and more advanced skills, his focus shifted to Internal Styles, diving deeply into Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi, and Yi Chuan. Though this new training brought him great development, he soon found that the internal styles prompt many questions but seldom offer the answers. It was when fate introduced him to Liuhebafa that he found what he was looking for. Having studied Liuhebafa formally from nearly a dozen students and inner disciples of the art, it was Master Ma Cheung Ying whom he was accepted by to receive formal training and become initiated into the Hua Yue Xi Yi Men (Liuhebafa) family.

In 2000, he moved to Japan and opened up Hung Sing Traditional Kung Fu Academy, teaching many unique styles and authentic usage, formally representing several of the top traditional associations in Hong Kong. In 2007, he was appointed director of the International Liuhebafa Internal Arts Association and opened his first branch teaching Liuhebafa in Tokyo Japan. The center introduced Liuhebafa to the country and drew great interest and acceptance from the Japanese martial art community, but often brought challenges which had to be met. In 2010 he relocated to Hong Kong on business, where he was accepted for study under Mok Kei Fai and was offered a position instructing Liuhebafa at the existing branch of Hong Kong. In the past several years Sifu Roberts has been invited to teach in several countries, and has produced a high quality of his students, many of whom have opened up branches in other countries.

In addition, Roberts formally went to medical school for several years studying bio-mechanics and physiology, all in an effort to understand and explain logically how and why internal martial arts work physically. He furthered pursued this by studying Traditional Chinese Medicine to understand and explain the energetics of the internal arts. His breakthroughs have eliminated many grey zones from the internal martial arts allowing the development of high levels of power in a short time through clear and correct training methods. As many before him Roberts has found medicine and martial arts complementary, mutually reinforcing one another, and now works professionally as an Osteopath.

2012 Liuhebafa World Conference - Hong Kong
demonstration representing the school of Mok Kei Fai


Though still young, Roberts has made incredible accomplishments in the martial arts, and is known for his clear understanding, technical expertise, and ability to apply traditional techniques to practical situations. He has written many articles in several languages and has students in America, Europe, and throughout Asia. Paul Roberts currently lives in Hong Kong where he has committed himself fully to the Liuhebafa tradition and is now the chief instructor of the Hong Kong Branch of the Liuhebafa Internal Arts Association. He continues to travel and promote Liuhebafa having personally spread the art to several different countries, and is now recognized internationally as one of the most elite of Liuhebafa Chuan, and one of a very few recognized successors of the complete system.


Sifu Paul Roberts posing with Master Ma Cheung Ying, his primary teacher of Liuhebafa.

Sifu Paul Roberts posing with Grandmaster Mok Kei Fai, the longest contact follower and god-son of Chan Yik Yan, whom he has recieved years of personal tutelage from.