Wu Yi Hui was the first individual to open the door and teach Liuhebafa to the public. Renowned for his skill and expertise in the internal arts Wu attracted many skilled fighters and masters. He influenced some of the greatest internal martial artists of the era and his prestige led him to a teaching position at the historical "Nanjing Central Martial Arts Academy". Though having taught many students who were skilled fighters and went on to becoming teachers, it was only Chen Yi Ren who Wu is known to have imparted the entire Hua Yue Xi Yi Men (Liuhebafa) system to.

Chen Yi Ren was privileged to have trained in various styles with many of the best internal masters of his era. His background in the internal arts included Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi and Yichuan. Recognized by Wu of being capable, he alone received complete training and transmittion of the Hua Yue Xi Yi Men (Liuhebafa) system. Though never having taught in China, Chen did open up schools in Hong Kong and Singapore and is greatly responsible for the dissemination of Liuhebafa as it exists today.
Though having taught many students himself Chen only formally accepted 6 disciples to be initiated into the Hua Yue Xi Yi Men lineage to receive deep training in the art, among which only 3 became teachers.

Although Chen Yi Ren taught many students, Mok Kei Fai was the last of only 6 disciples who were formally initiated into the Hua Yue Xi Yi Men (Liuhebafa) family under Chen. Having apprenticed under Chen for 12 consecutive years, Grandmaster Mok had the longest contact time of all of Chen's disciples, and not only received complete transmittion of the Liuhebafa style he was further privileged to receive the extent of Chen's very unique Bagua and Xingyi systems. He is known for his technical expertise in the internal arts and strict attention to detail. Being very close to his teacher throughout his lifetime, Mok Kei Fai was chosen by Chen Yi Ren to become his godson, an act that holds significant meaning to traditional martial artists.


Nelson Ma began his studying Liuhebafa under a disciple of Mok Kei Fai, and later was introduced to formally apprentice directly under Grandmaster Mok. Through hard work and rapid progression he began to assist Grandmaster Mok in instruction of classes in Hong Kong, and has become one of Grandmaster Mok's most highly skilled and trusted followers. His keen mind and years of extensive research into Liuhebafa and internal arts in general have brought him advanced skills and understanding of his art. Nelson Ma like his teacher Mok never trained any other styles with other teachers, allowing them to maintain a level of purity in their Liuhebafa without the influence of other styles, which is seldom seen with practitioners of this style today.


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Paul Roberts has a diversified background in various martial art styles, including the internal styles of Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi and Yichuan. Though having personally trained Liuhebafa directly under several of Chen Yi Ren's disciples and students, he received formal initiation into the Liuhebafa family, and entered the indoor line of successors. Paul Roberts has committed himself to the Liuhebafa tradition, teaching seminars internationally and is involved with pertinent research and development. Currently, he is the elected director of the International Liuhebafa Internal Arts Association, and lives in Hong Kong where he instructs at the Liuhebafa Internal Arts Institute of Hong Kong.

-Director of the International Liuhebafa Internal Arts Association
-Instructor of the Liuhebafa Internal Arts Institute of Hong Kong
-Founder of the Liuhebafa Internal Arts Institute of Japan