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Hua Yue Xi Yi Men, meaning "Chen Xi Yi's method from the Hua Mountains", is the martial school and internal style based on the principle of the Six Harmonies and Eight Methods, developed by the Taoist Sage Chen Xi Yi. Dating back over 1000 years ago, this method is thought of as the pioneer of the internal arts!

In the past this style was guarded in secrecy, and only passed on to the select few. In the present its preserved by tradition with the indoor disciples of the art. Though many teachers would share some external forms and material they would never teach the internal principles and workings of the style to non-initiates, marking the difference between a "student" and a "disciple". For this reason many external pieces of the art have slipped through the door over time without the backing up of internal principles, resulting in a variety of interpretations now found in the public. Many attempts have been made to fill in the blanks with knowledge of other styles or methods but Liuhebafa is a unique principle that cannot be imitated.

The symbol of Hua Yue Xi Yi Men was created by the late Grandmaster Chen Yi Ren based on Feng Shui.

The outer pattern represents the 8 Methods and the inner represents the 6 Harmonies, with "heart and intent" in the center. The three levels on each border show the presence of the 3 Divisions, and the color green represents nature.

Li Dong Feng named the style Hua Yue Xi Yi Men so that later generations would always remember the styles founder and place of origin. He stated the name clearly in his writing of the 5 Character Secret.

To be a pratitioner of Liuhebafa one must by definition practice the 6 Harmonies and 8 Methods. Liuhebafa is not the name of a form nor the name of a style. It is the underlying principle of Hua Yue Xi Yi Men! Thus not all Liuhebafa practitioners are part of the Hua Yue Xi Yi Men, as to be permitted in the door one must be initiated by an indoor master who himself has been initiated.

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